Friday, June 10, 2011

Final Thoughts

Well, I had a great time at this workshop. I absolutely love my group, The Fab5 (Savannah, DeeJay, John, and Helen); we worked so well with each other. Our photo PSA got published in the newspaper and we just have been so creative and just made the most out of this week that we had together. I really am going to miss them, In the beginning I’m going to be honest I did not think that me and my group were going to get along but in the end I think that we are the best group when it comes to teamwork. We always stick together.

Some of the pressure was taken off the week with the help of " The Guhs."(Jonathon, Malaizsa, and Danalycia), we had a lot of fun this week laughing and joking around and going on adventures. It was fun though. They just are so hilarious!

Also Ashleigh, my Roomie, she is so sweet I loved being on her company. She is also very funny and I just was very happy to have met her.

Yolanda and Will were hilarious I had a good time dancing with them doing the stanky leg and all that jazz. I love the way Will sings and dances he's really good at it. Yolanda is very nice and I hope that she does very well at USM in the fall.

Justina, Laurel, Elizabeth, Becca, and Ashley you all are AMAZING! Lol. But I had lots of fun with you all you guys definitely added some comedy to the group especially Laurel and Justina.

My councilors Keona and Jonathan were great. They did an excellent job helping us out and making sure everything was correct on our papers. Jonathan really helped me out with editing my article for the newspaper and we had lots of fun in the first day doing Broadcast Journalism with Keona.

To Dr. Campbell and Dr. LeDuff I just wanted to say thank-you for making this opportunity available for high school student like us to expand our horizons and hopefully help us to choose a career path. This workshop definitely gave me some insight.

To Jarred and Mr, Rodney thank you for being patient with me take after, take after, take..... after take!

To Mr. Justin and Sarah I had alot of fun with both of you all thanks for making it fun!

to Dr. Coleman and Chuck thank you for your your mind you guys helped me so much in developing a good picture and what is a good picture and the editing process and all the other stuff that comes with being a photographer.

To all my “Shopmates”, I just wish you all the best in college and beyond. :)

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